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12/03/2010 Happy 3rd Month Anniversary March 11, 2010

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Its was three month ago on this particular day … you became my girlfriend. …And here we are now.. times really flies and its already three month since we both started this relationship. I hope Bie really enjoy every second and every minute we spend together over this three month. And i would try my very best to make Bie even more happy and “xin fu” as we continue our journey together. Although 3 month is quite a short time, but i think we have done alot of things together. I have been to Melaka together with your whole family, celebrated our first Christmas and Christmas eve together, enjoying the fireworks blasting above our head together during New Year Eve and even spend our Chinese New Year together far far away at Sungai Petani, Alor Setar and Penang and not to forget all the concert and movie and buffet session.

All these things that we done together has already leave a deep deep memorable moment inside my heart. You have already become part of my life. I’m so not used to it when bie is not around to have breakfast and spend the rest of the afternoon together with me during weekend. It has already become a routine in my life, without it i feel there is something missing in my life.

I really really hope that my relationship with Bie can last till forever. I know sometimes bie will feel insecured and start thinking alot alot. Dar can’t promise anything, but i can assure bie that dar really really want to be together with bie till forever, and will do what ever it takes to be together with bie.

Dar here just want to wish both of us (BB & DD) Happy 3rd Anniversary. There will be more to come =)


12/01/2010 Happy One Month Anniversary January 12, 2010

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One month ago, on this particular day I asked you to be my girlfriend and you accepted, it started rather out of expectation. And it somehow work out quite well over the past one month. Really had a comfortable and happy time together with you, bie. Dar here just want to wish the both of us :


Hope this is a good beginning without an ending to it 🙂

Kelvin’s Farewell Outing September 5, 2009

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Date : 15th Aug 2009

Place : Imbi Palace/Berjaya Hills/Look Out Point

Person Attend : Pei Sze, Anthony, Kelvin, Kok Chai, Kok Chai gf and me of cuz xD

We plan to have a farewell outing for our Hong Kong colleague Kelvin before he leave Malaysia back to Hong Kong on Sunday.

First we meet up at pavilion bout 12pm. After meeting up we went to Imbi Palace for Dim Sum.









After eating dim sum we head to Shaw Parade to buy Mooncake. We brought 8 boxes of moodcake from purple cane to be given to rest of the Hong Kong colleague. After buying mooncake, we head off to Bukit Tinggi.



We saw this Ferrari while we are on the way to Berjaya Hills. So yeng xD


Kelvin was driving Pei Sze car on the Karak Highway. LOL

We arrive at Berjaya Hills bout 4:15pm. Firstly we head to the Japanese Garden.

The enviroment there was cooling and the air was fresh.


“Welcome to the World’s first Japanese Tea House in the Tropical Forest”







Spa in the middle of the Tropical Forest? LOL its very costly, a full spa cost bout RM 1k @@


Our last destination in the tropical forest, the Botanical Garden.

IMG_0384After the Japanese Garden visit, we head off to the French Village. Its build based on the Frech Town Concept. Not a bad place to go for relaxing.

IMG_0385 After few hours of walking and its raining, we decided to have our high tea xD

We had our high tea at a french bakery. This is what i ate, a sandwich and a cup of cappuccino.

We head to Look Up Point to meet KC after the high tea.

On the way to look up point we encounter a accident. @@

Because the road was slippery, we accidentally ski off our road to the opposite road, and a Vios was from the opposite direction, we manage to avoid but still got a hit on the guys car.


 The damage done to theVios, just a little scratch and the guy demanded RM700 (!@#$%).

After furthur negotiation the guy agree to settle with RM 300.


Damage done to our car ><

After settling the matter we head straight to Look Up Point, lucky this accident din’t spoil our mood.

We arrive at look up point bout 8:20pm.

look out point

Picture taken from the viewing tower, the view up there was awesome.

After that we had our dinner accompany by this beautiful night view.


 We had our dinner at gasoline, cost us about RM 150 for 5 person.

We chit chat there till bout 12am before heading home.




My Birthday Dinner @ Shangri-La KL August 9, 2009

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Last Friday (7th Aug), my dear celebrated my Birthday with me. We had dinner at Lemon Garden of Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

First we head to Apple Store,the place where dear brought my iphone cover as my present. After that we took the monorail from Bukit Bintang Station and got off on Bukit Nanas Station. We walked about 10min from the Monorail station to the hotel. (P/S: sorry dear have to make you walk so far)

We started our buffet dinner on 7pm. =)


Birthday Present from Dear, its a iphone casing. She know i wanted it for quite some time d. =D


The paper beg given by apple when we brought the casing. So big. LOL


My iphone with the new casing =)


Our table for the Night. LOL


Chinese food corner.


Indian food corner.


Japanese food corner. heehee my fav xD


White Chocolate Fountain


Black Chocolate Fountain.


Dessert corner,dear’s fav. She can’t wait to get her hand on it from the moment we come in. xD


Heehee, this was fun xD







My dear dear xD


Me and dear, taken during the dinner =)

Really had a great great dinner. Thank so much to dear for making it happen =)

I enjoy your accompany for this special occasion. I like the present and food very much too =)

Hope that every special occasion i will have you by my side.

Qing’s Purse August 8, 2009

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The other day we went to KLCC to watch The Proposal, while waiting for me to come my dear went for window shopping and come across Roxy Shop which is on SALES. I know that she have been eyeing the Roxy Purse for quite sometime and its now 40% off. I was planning to get that purse for her Birthday present.

But at that moment her salary is not banked in yet and i can see that she is quite disappointed about it. I offered to pay on her behalf first. She refuses at first and say will think bout it.

After the movie i pull her into the roxy shop again, and she showed me the purse. The promoter said this is the last one, and at that time she still cant make up her mind, so i told the promoter “we’ll have this one” since my dear cant make up her mind.

But the bad thing is, now i would need to think again what to buy for my dear this coming Birthday. ><P8030092




Melacca Trip 24/07 – 26/07 August 8, 2009

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This trip to Malacca was great with alot of laughter and fun. Maybu because the person together with me is that sepcial someone xD

I took half day on friday and we left Subang bout 2pm, we arrive at Malacca bout 5pm.

The first night we went to Jonker Street to tapau our dinner.



Part of our breakfast xD


After breakfast we went for a ride in Menara Taming Sari,it cost both of us RM 20.00.

The view up there was awesome, you can see the whole of Malacca.



Dataran Pahlawan, taken from the revolving tower.


Eye of Malaysia,taken from the revolving tower.


After that we head to Jonker street to eat Chicken rice ball.


The place was crowded, we wait for bout 15min to get a seat.


These are the food we had for lunch =)

After lunch we head to Dataran Pahlawan to watch Ice Age 3.


We had satay celup for dinner,this is the fastest dinner i have ever ate. LOL

Because we need to head to Dataran Pahlawan to catch our 9:00pm movie (Harry Potter – Half Blood Prince)

Lucky we manage to get there in time for the movie xD

Really enjoy this trip very very much, thanks to dear for spending the weekend with me =)

Eating Trip July 18, 2009

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Date : Anytime

Day  : Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Event : Eat of cuz xD

Place : SS2, Durian Store, Queens Park

Food : All the delicious food… heehee

People Attended

  • Natalie Li
  • Kelvin Leung
  • Zee Ling
  • See Kheng
  • Sim
  • KC
  • KC Girlfriend xD
  • Pei Sze
  • Me, of cuz xD
  • My Borther
  • Florence Loke






梁文音 – 爱的诗篇歌词 July 18, 2009

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詞:馬嵩惟 曲:劉宜

你撐著雨傘 接我那次
已經足夠我 記得一輩子
我懂後來你 不是不堅持
愛情本來就 沒萬無一失

淚水離開了 你的手指
那不如讓它 留在這信紙
我想女孩子 最貼心的是
讓愛的人選 結束的方式

我最幸福的事 當過你的天使
趁鼻酸能掩飾 讓我們像當時 擁抱最後一次
最幸福的事 吹蠟燭時你總為我許願的手勢
為摯愛的人 在左邊心口保留位置 是最幸福的事

可惜愛不是 童話故事
不能夠永遠 依賴著王子
再難過其實 只剩兩個字
我怎麼忍心 為難你解釋

我最幸福的事 當過你的天使
趁鼻酸能掩飾 讓我們像當時 擁抱最後一次
最幸福的事 吹蠟燭時你總為我許願的手勢
為摯愛的人 在左邊心口保留位置 是最幸福的事

那一陣子有你 美得不像現實

我最幸福的事 牽著你的日子
一段愛從開始 即使分開我們 都對彼此誠實
最幸福的事 對那片海用力大喊永遠的樣子
想得起那時 那天和你傻笑著認識


Memories of me with you July 11, 2009

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These are the movies that we had watch over the past few month. Really enjoy the time we watched those movies together. Hope we will watch more and more movies together in the future 😀

Fast & Furious 4

We watch this movie @ TGV Pyramid, first ever movie i watch together with you.

Wolverine Origins

We watch this movie @ TGV Pyramid together with Sze Jiun and Aun after karaoke session in redbox. xD

He's just not that into you

We watch this movie @ GSC 1 Utama, sitting on the first row. LOL

Night At The Museum : Battle Of The Smithsonian

We watch this movie together with Sze Jiun and Aun @ TGV Pyramid.

Monster vs Aliens 3D

We watched this movie @ GSC Pavillion. Wearing 3D glasses xD

Drag me to Hell

We watch this movie @ TGC KLCC after work. Rmb the moral of the story? xD

Terminator Salvation

We watch this movie @ Genting Highland, and its freezing up there. LOL

Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen

We watch this movie @ GSC 1U, someone fell asleep when watch it. xD

Ice Age 3

We watch this movie @ Dataran Pahlawan Melaka (Afternoon)  very funny movie LOL

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

We watch this movie @ Dataran Pahlawan Melaka (Night), lucky found a place to park the car … xD


We watch this movie @ GSC Mid Valley, after the Melaka Trip. First time watching a movie with dear in Mid Valley =)

The proposal

We watch this movie @ TGV KLCC, the movie was very very funny from begining to end LOL. My dear also brought her purse that she has been eyeing for a long time xD


We watch this movie @ TGV KLCC. This movie is quite good. This is the 13th movie i watch together with my dear =)