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Kelvin’s Farewell Outing September 5, 2009

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Date : 15th Aug 2009

Place : Imbi Palace/Berjaya Hills/Look Out Point

Person Attend : Pei Sze, Anthony, Kelvin, Kok Chai, Kok Chai gf and me of cuz xD

We plan to have a farewell outing for our Hong Kong colleague Kelvin before he leave Malaysia back to Hong Kong on Sunday.

First we meet up at pavilion bout 12pm. After meeting up we went to Imbi Palace for Dim Sum.









After eating dim sum we head to Shaw Parade to buy Mooncake. We brought 8 boxes of moodcake from purple cane to be given to rest of the Hong Kong colleague. After buying mooncake, we head off to Bukit Tinggi.



We saw this Ferrari while we are on the way to Berjaya Hills. So yeng xD


Kelvin was driving Pei Sze car on the Karak Highway. LOL

We arrive at Berjaya Hills bout 4:15pm. Firstly we head to the Japanese Garden.

The enviroment there was cooling and the air was fresh.


“Welcome to the World’s first Japanese Tea House in the Tropical Forest”







Spa in the middle of the Tropical Forest? LOL its very costly, a full spa cost bout RM 1k @@


Our last destination in the tropical forest, the Botanical Garden.

IMG_0384After the Japanese Garden visit, we head off to the French Village. Its build based on the Frech Town Concept. Not a bad place to go for relaxing.

IMG_0385 After few hours of walking and its raining, we decided to have our high tea xD

We had our high tea at a french bakery. This is what i ate, a sandwich and a cup of cappuccino.

We head to Look Up Point to meet KC after the high tea.

On the way to look up point we encounter a accident. @@

Because the road was slippery, we accidentally ski off our road to the opposite road, and a Vios was from the opposite direction, we manage to avoid but still got a hit on the guys car.


 The damage done to theVios, just a little scratch and the guy demanded RM700 (!@#$%).

After furthur negotiation the guy agree to settle with RM 300.


Damage done to our car ><

After settling the matter we head straight to Look Up Point, lucky this accident din’t spoil our mood.

We arrive at look up point bout 8:20pm.

look out point

Picture taken from the viewing tower, the view up there was awesome.

After that we had our dinner accompany by this beautiful night view.


 We had our dinner at gasoline, cost us about RM 150 for 5 person.

We chit chat there till bout 12am before heading home.






1. Pearly - October 12, 2009

i bump into here.. 😛

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