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12/03/2010 Happy 3rd Month Anniversary March 11, 2010

Posted by KelJun in Uncategorized.

Its was three month ago on this particular day … you became my girlfriend. …And here we are now.. times really flies and its already three month since we both started this relationship. I hope Bie really enjoy every second and every minute we spend together over this three month. And i would try my very best to make Bie even more happy and “xin fu” as we continue our journey together. Although 3 month is quite a short time, but i think we have done alot of things together. I have been to Melaka together with your whole family, celebrated our first Christmas and Christmas eve together, enjoying the fireworks blasting above our head together during New Year Eve and even spend our Chinese New Year together far far away at Sungai Petani, Alor Setar and Penang and not to forget all the concert and movie and buffet session.

All these things that we done together has already leave a deep deep memorable moment inside my heart. You have already become part of my life. I’m so not used to it when bie is not around to have breakfast and spend the rest of the afternoon together with me during weekend. It has already become a routine in my life, without it i feel there is something missing in my life.

I really really hope that my relationship with Bie can last till forever. I know sometimes bie will feel insecured and start thinking alot alot. Dar can’t promise anything, but i can assure bie that dar really really want to be together with bie till forever, and will do what ever it takes to be together with bie.

Dar here just want to wish both of us (BB & DD) Happy 3rd Anniversary. There will be more to come =)



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